Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get Organized + Self Love = January

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Hope you all enjoyed Dr. King Day yesterday.  Those who subscribe to my newsletter* are already aware of this but I wanted to remind you all that January is Get Organized and Self Love Month.  This makes January an ideal time to focus on decreasing your overwhelm and boosting your self care.  Here are some suggestions...

1.  Give yourself a big hug and take the time to clean out your desk drawer.

2.  Give yourself a foot massage and throw out/donate any worn...or barely worn shoes.

3.  Reward yourself for cleaning out you inbox by booking a facial for yourself.

4.  List 5 reasons why having a streamlined home is an important part of self care.

5.  Set aside time during the weekend to tackle a disorganized room, corner, shelf or drawer

6.  Reflect on the question:  What does self-love mean to me?'

7.  After having cleaned out a particular room yourself, compliment yourself for a job well-done.

8.  Think of ways that you can be more organized in the morning:  prepping lunch in advance, having your clothes ready to go, packing your bag/purse w/needed items, having your keys or other essentials in a visible place.

9.  Ask yourself, how you can be more organized this month.

As a single woman, how can you make being more organized a way of showing self-love for yourself?  How does being disorganized affect your sense of calm? What action will you take to observe this month?  

All right, there you have it.  Feel free to post a comment below.

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