Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Challenge, Day 13

Mental Rehearsal

So Valentine's is almost here which means we're nearing the end of these challenges.  Today, imagine how you want to feel for Valentine's Day.  (If it helps to write your responses, then feel free to do so.) 

Do you want to feel love, appreciation, gratitude, connection? 

What are some thoughts that can support those feelings? 
Some possible thoughts could be -
I'm a loving and kind person
I value loving and supportive relationships with others
I'm learning to love myself more
I've decided to love myself more

(Whatever floats your boat and works for you.  I know at times some affirmations don't fit my personality or mood so feel free to adapt the affirmations above or create your own.)

What are some actions that can support those feelings?
Examples could be -
Eating healthier foods
Thinking kind thoughts about yourself
Thinking kind thoughts about others
Being patient with yourself
Accepting kindness from others
Appreciating your accomplishments - big & small

Actually, why wait another day to have those thoughts and feelings?  Why not start now?

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